Club Membership 2020



New Membership Benefits for 2020

For the start of the 2020 cricket season , we will be issuing Club Membership Cards once you complete the membership forms and pay your annual subscription.

Each card is individually numbered and and will be for the individual members use only (ie: not transferable !)

On production of the card, members will be entitled to discounted prices at the club bar .

We are installing a new point of sale system at the bar with a scanner to record all sales. The scanner will also pick up the barcode on the reverse of the membership card which will automatically trigger the discount.

Junior members will be able to buy soft drinks and sweets, crisps etc at discount prices, but their parents will have to become playing or social members and get their own card to get members rates.

Social membership costs £10 for the season and this will easily be recouped in discounts over the season !

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